Global Photography Awards

The Global Photography Awards (GPA) is a truly international photography competition celebrating the stories, efforts and unique perspectives behind each and every click of the shutter. As a platform that recognizes exceptional talent in photography, the award presents the identity of each photographer, displaying the beauty and elegance of your creations worldwide.

Fostering the growth of visual arts across the globe, the Global Photography Awards welcomes inspiring photographers from every corner, no matter professionals, amateurs, or students to express themselves through a single masterpiece. The mission is simple, to gather the world’s greatest individuals who believe that their photographs can make a difference, and to showcase this excellence to the very world.

Recognize your moment and become the next extraordinary photographer to secure global achievements, having your images displayed on a worldwide stage in front of an audience, where each frame will be appreciated with utmost admiration.

Present Your Award-Winning Images for
up to $10,000 of Cash Prizes!

The Global Photography Awards transcends traditional boundaries, introducing exclusive alternatives that will diversify your chances of winning, greatly elevating the opportunity for you to be celebrated with attractive cash prizes and rewards!

Professional Photographer of the Year

Awarded with $5,000 of cash prizes
and a 2024 Maia Statuette

Amateur / Student Photographer of the Year

Awarded with $3,000 of cash prizes
and a 2024 Maia Statuette

Global Category Winners of the Year
(Professional & Amateur/Students)

Awarded with $100 of cash prizes each

Platinum, Gold & Silver Winners

Honorable e-Certificate

Exclusive Interview Opportunity to be Featured on Muse.World

Featured in the globally renowned Hall of Fame, and exclusive access to extensive marketing promotions & materials

Featured globally in the Virtual Exhibition Gallery

Dedicated Winner Profile Page prepared to display your winning masterpieces


Featured Categories

The Global Photography Awards features a diverse array of categories, including International Photography, Fine Art Photography, Architecture Photography, Black & White Photography, Nature Photography, People Photography, Editorial Photography, Commercial Photography, Fashion Photography, Minimalist Photography, and other special categories such as Event Photography, Mobile Photography, Film Photography, AI-Generated Photography, and more.

Asides from general categories introduced to celebrate photographic excellence, the competition introduces the debut of its newly created Supporting Category Awards, dedicated to honor individuals, companies, and organizations that play a vital role in shaping the photography industry and community worldwide.

2024 Award Deadlines

Early Bird

May 20 -
June 20


June 21 -
July 18


July 19 -
August 15


August 16 -
September 12

2024 Global Photography Awards Statuette - Maia

With the Global Photography Awards, there is no better representation than Maia as the face of the competition, and to acknowledge the hearts of each and every photographer who has demonstrated their skills.

Maia draws inspiration from the mythology, and this powerful connection signifies the enduring legacy that exceptional photography leaves behind, its ability to ignite conversations, evoke emotions, and inspire new perspectives.

The wings, grand and expressive, are symbolic of the creative freedom that the art of photography embodies. Experiences, emotions, and unseen wonders are what Maia captures within its unique blend of silver gradients, urging photographers to capture more than just images.

Enter Global Photography Awards

Featured Jurors

The Global Photography Awards is distinguished not only by the stunning work it celebrates but also by the international panel of jurors it assembles. The jury is a diverse ensemble of the crème de la crème from the photographic and creative industries, including photographers, photo editors, art directors, and art collectors.

Each member is handpicked for their extensive expertise, their unwavering commitment, and their contributions to their respective fields. The jurors bring with them an understanding steeped in years of experience, a perspective that’s been honed at the leading edge of photography, and a reputation that precedes them in their professional journey.

Joining the Global Photography Awards panel is an exclusive opportunity to help shape the future of photography, guiding emerging talents who will inspire the next generation of photographers.

Global Photography Awards Jury - Eduardo Lopez Moreno


Eduardo Lopez Moreno

Co-Director and Social Photographer, World Urban Pavilion

Eduardo Moreno holds the position of co-director at the World Urban Pavilion and formally served as the director responsible for research and capacity development within the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. He is also an award-winning social photographer.

Moreno holds a crucial position at the World Urban Pavilion, a collaboration between the Urban Economy Forum Association and UN-Habitat, supported by CMHC and The Daniels Corporation. As co-director, he actively shapes the Pavilion's vision and mission, spearheading initiatives to address urban challenges and promote sustainable development in partnership with these key organizations. Moreno captures powerful images that depict societal issues, using his visual storytelling skills to raise awareness and promote positive change.

His multifaceted role demonstrates his commitment to advancing urban issues and his ability to drive meaningful change in collaboration with key stakeholders. Under his guidance, the Pavilion remains at the forefront of innovative solutions for urban challenges.

Global Photography Awards Jury - Donell Gumiran

United Arab Emirates

Donell Gumiran

Co-founder, Design Director and Photographer, Deerect Agency

Donell Gumiran is the co-founder, design director and photographer of Deerect, a design agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With two decades of profound expertise in design, photography, and branding domains, he is primarily focused on brand identity initiatives and continuously stays informed about the most current trends and methodologies in global design to adapt to any cultural or regional context with a creative approach. This results in the creation of unique and unforgettable work, which is approached from various perspectives to deliver versatile results.

Gumiran’s favorite subjects center on encapsulating the human experience in everyday scenarios. He possesses a unique ability to draw viewers into the profound humanity of the individuals in his work. His talent has earned them numerous international award is frequently invited to speak as a source of inspiration at a variety of global photography conferences, where his exhibitions are also prominently featured.

Global Photography Awards Jury - Kalina Schneider

United States

Kalina Schneider

Master Photographer | Digital Artist | Fine Art Fanatic, KKSFINEARTS and Ksfinearts

Kalina Schneider is an internationally acclaimed Master Photographer and digital artist hailing from Florida. With a specialization in Fine Art and Fantasy Portraiture, Kalina's work is a vivid tapestry of color, magic, and dreamlike aesthetics that captivate viewers and spark their imagination.

Having earned her Master’s of Photography and Master Craftsmen credentials from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Kalina is a two-time Grand Imaging Award finalist for her exceptional portraits that embody creativity and storytelling.

Delving into a personal journey of self-discovery, Kalina's photography serves as a visual narrative that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural experiences and extensive travels, Kalina infuses her creations with elements of global art, theatrical costumes, vintage fashion, and ethnic fabrics.

Together with her husband, Kelly Schneider, a fellow Master Photographer, Kalina shares her expertise by teaching fine art photography and photoshop editing for creative concepts. Their collaborative efforts extend to organizing immersive photography workshops in the USA, Ireland, Italy, and Indonesia (Bali), providing aspiring artists with hands-on learning experiences and a platform for artistic exploration.

In every photograph and digital artwork created, Kalina Schneider invites viewers to embark on a visual journey that transcends reality, evoking emotions, sparking curiosity, and fostering connections across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

She has been published in number of magazines online and in print. Kalina is on judging panels for acclaimed international photography competitions.

Global Photography Awards Jury - Marine Foissey


Marine Foissey

Artist Photographer, Marine Foissey Photography

Marine Foissey is a talented French photographer whose works have been showcased in exhibitions across France, Luxembourg, Poland, and Spain.

Foissey developed an early affinity for culture and art, deeply influenced by her upbringing. Her parents used each holiday as a chance to immerse themselves and Marine in the world of Culture and Art. The exploration of museums, exhibitions, and historical sites during travels became a rite of passage that honed Marine's appreciation for the richness of Art. Foissey is on an ongoing quest for poetic expression, seeking it in both her creative work and personal life. She challenges the notion that an image can stand alone, choosing instead to title her photographs and augment them with narrative text.

Her collections, meticulously curated into series, embody this philosophy, with each photograph conveying significance, sentiment, beauty, and her unique artistic fingerprint, whether viewed individually or as part of a collective.

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