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Global Photography Awards Panel

The Global Photography Awards takes immense pride in its Jury Panel, gathering individuals whose expertise forms the very foundation of the judging process. This group of professionals originate from the very best of the photographic world and related creative industries, including renowned photographers, art and creative directors, photo editors, and influential business leaders from across the globe.

Each juror brings depths of knowledge to the evaluation of each submission, ensuring a fair, and insightful process, maintaining commitment to the highest standards of photographic achievement worldwide.

Their passion and enthusiasm are aimed at inspiring and elevating the entire community. They help to identify and celebrate the extraordinary individuals that participate in the award, celebrating the very definition of global photography.

United Arab Emirates

Donell Gumiran

Co-founder, Design Director and Photographer ,Deerect Agency

Donell Gumiran is the co-founder, design director and photographer of Deerect, a design agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With two decades of profound expertise in design, photography, and branding domains, he is primarily focused on brand identity initiatives and continuously stays informed about the most current trends and methodologies in global design to adapt to any cultural or regional context with a creative approach. This results in the creation of unique and unforgettable work, which is approached from various perspectives to deliver versatile results.

Gumiran’s favorite subjects center on encapsulating the human experience in everyday scenarios. He possesses a unique ability to draw viewers into the profound humanity of the individuals in his work. His talent has earned them numerous international award is frequently invited to speak as a source of inspiration at a variety of global photography conferences, where his exhibitions are also prominently featured.


Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker ,Agency Perspective

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a multifaceted creative professional based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He works as a documentary photographer, filmmaker, journalist, visual artist, and art educator. His artistic creations primarily delve into themes related to human rights, social development, politics, the environment, and spirituality. Hasan is a visual journalist for ZUMA Press, Redux Pictures, IPS, and Thomson Reuters Foundation, and a consultant photographer and filmmaker for WHO, UN Women, Oxfam, Red Cross, World Bank, and others. The °CLAIR Galerie in Switzerland represents his art.

Hasan's educational achievements include a One-Year Certificate in Creative Practices from the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, Postgraduate and BA (Honors) degrees in Photography from Falmouth University, UK, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. Internationally recognized, Hasan has been nominated for various awards and has won numerous global photography competitions.


Ryo Utsunomiya


Ryo Utsunomiya is a photographer with a passion for nature and wildlife. After working in music, outdoor activities, apparel, and teaching, he became a photographer. He projects his experiences and senses cultivated in various fields into his current photographs. He has won many awards at international photo submission sites and contests. He is passionate about his work, pursuing creative and original expression rather than simply showing beautiful nature photographs. This begins not only on the screen, but also in the lighting of the exhibition and the creation of the space for the work. In recent years, he has focused mainly on the natural world and wildlife, attempting to fuse nature and art. His photographs and videos have been presented in museum exhibitions and in collaboration with concerts.

United States

Lars Gesing

Founder ,Lars Gesing Fine Art Nature Images

Lars Gesing is a contemporary fine art nature photographer and writer with a gallery in Seattle.

With an unwavering commitment to his craft, his photographs transcend mere images; they are artworks with a purpose. His mission is to seamlessly blend the external and internal realms, creating visual narratives that celebrate the ethereal landscapes of one's dreams. Through a meticulous interplay of light, shadow, and composition, he endeavors to transport viewers to the enchanting places that reside within their imagination, inviting them to embark on a journey beyond the confines of reality.

He boldly pursues photography, demonstrating a commitment to his passion and artistic vision. His courage to delve into the visual realm, using photography as a medium, showcases a determination to translate dreams into tangible artworks. It is truly commendable how he fearlessly navigates the challenges of the creative process, embracing the uncertainties that come with translating imagination into visual narratives.


Robert Lie

Photographer ,Robert Lie Photography

Robert Lie, an acclaimed travel photographer from Indonesia, has garnered international recognition and awards. His award-winning photographs and articles have appeared in prestigious publications such as National Geographic Traveler in both Indonesia and the USA, Asian Geographic, Forbes, and Vogue Thailand, as well as on platforms like NTV Germany and Bored Panda.

Lie's work earned him the title of International Selected Artist at the Exposure Photography Festival in Alberta, Canada, in 2020, and his self-published photo book "Malacca Rhapsody" was featured at the 2nd Jakarta International Photo Festival in 2021. With 14 photography distinctions to his name, he has been a jury member at over 20 international photography salons.

His journey in photography exhibitions began with a showcase by Leica Indonesia in Jakarta in 2017, leading to further exhibitions in countries around the world, including South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Vienna, Iran, Mexico, the USA, Bangladesh, Dubai, Myanmar, India, and Sweden.


Ajitesh Sharma

Founder and In-House Director ,Atiksh Entertainment Private Limited

Ajitesh Sharma has been a Rocket Scientist & Corporate Professional in the past. A triple postgraduate in Media, Business, and Technology, he has shot internationally acclaimed films across the globe over the years.

His projects have fetched more than 350 international official selections & awards at various international events in more than 55 countries. He has also served many international events in the capacity of curator, committee member, and jury. He is an internationally approved fire & safety auditor and fire forensics specialist and has consulted for multiple multinational clients.

He is also an internationally accredited life & business coach and NLP practitioner. He is the designer of an award-winning Board Game, which is a combination of Ludo & Chess. He recently finished a nationwide documentary on 75 years of Indian Independence. He is also the brain behind the Indian comics publishing house ‘Cinemics’, launched at Comic Con - Bengaluru.


Wen-Han Chang

Director of Photography ,Peplink

Wen-Han Chang currently holds the position of Director of Photography at Peplink, an international IT company.

Between 2009 and 2017, his career path was centered around medical photography, involving the documentation of various procedures, including intricate surgeries, and capturing visible symptoms in patients. While this work was intriguing, it didn't fully satisfy his artistic inclinations. Consequently, in 2017, he made the courageous decision to depart from his medical photography role to pursue his true passion, abstract photography. In 2020, his dedication to the art form culminated in the attainment of an MFA degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, marking a significant milestone in his journey as a professional artist.

Chang's unwavering commitment to his passion for photography is a testament to his determination and dedication. His transition from a successful career in medical photography to the pursuit of abstract photography exemplifies his willingness to follow his artistic aspirations

United States

Dave Koch

Fine Art and Landscape Photographer

With over 10 years of photographic experience, Dave Koch is a celebrated professional in the fields of fine art and landscape photography.

Koch also boasts a wealth of expertise in the domains of Real Estate, Commercial, and Interior Design photography, particularly within the state of Utah. As a photographer, his role extends beyond just capturing images; it encompasses a deep comprehension of the unique requirements and expectations of his clients in these specific industries. By combining his artistic sensibility with his technical prowess, he consistently delivers exceptional results.

His success as a photographer is a testament to his unwavering determination and exceptional talent. He secured commissions from a multitude of prestigious corporations, a feat that underscores his remarkable skills and dedication to his craft. This achievement speaks volumes on his ability to consistently produce captivating and impactful visuals that resonate with discerning clients and audiences alike.


Yaroslav Danylchenko

Founder and Food and Product Photographer ,danylchenko.com

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Yaroslav Danylchenko operates as a food and product photographer, specializing in advertising, from his own studio.

Collaborating with production companies and advertising agencies, he focuses on capturing food and tabletop photographs for both local Ukrainian brands and international clients. What began as a leisure pursuit has evolved into his career, with Danylchenko maintaining a deep-rooted addiction to photography.

His true fervor lies in depicting various forms of motion within his images - ensuring that something in the photo is always in action, be it flying, dropping, breaking, or smashing, often achieved through meticulous post-production techniques. His passion for photography is evident in his relentless pursuit of capturing dynamic, lively images that bring his clients' visions to life. His determination is marked by a constant endeavor to push the boundaries of traditional food and product photography, ensuring each project is infused with creativity and motion.


Muhammad Amdad Hossain

Photographer and Contributor ,Getty Images And Solent News

Muhammad Amdad Hossain is a visual artist hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Bangladesh, has dedicated the past 7 years to a remarkable journey through the lens of his camera.

Hossain’s photography, driven by his insatiable curiosity, goes beyond simple images to tell the vivid story of rural Bangladesh. Deeply empathetic towards village life, his work explores the joys, hardships, and resilience of its people. His photos not only capture their lives but also urge governmental action to tackle the challenges they face, especially after natural disasters.

His photography captures life's fleeting moments, lending them a lasting resonance. His camera is more than a tool; it's a gateway to humanity's rich diversity, as he eagerly immerses himself in new cultures. His quest to document the world's marvels has earned him over 150 international awards, and his distinctive work has been showcased in publications like The Guardian, National Geographic, and Forbes, among others.


Yvon Jolivet

Artist photographer ,yvonjolivet.com

Yvon Jolivet, a self-taught photographer hailing from Quebec, Canada, is renowned for his abstract, Beaux-Arts, and minimalist photographic approach. His distinctive style is marked by emotional abstraction and a focus on forms, delving into themes of transformation, fluidity, and metamorphosis that resonate with the processes of change within the human psyche.

Jolivet's abstract imagery serves as a conduit for exploring themes such as growth, impermanence, and the delicate nature of life, allowing us to discover beauty in the often overlooked or mundane aspects of existence. Through his photographic style, he encourages contemplation on the intricate processes of change and transition that shape our own lives.

His photographic work has earned numerous international awards, including gold, silver, and bronze distinctions in the realms of fine art and abstract photography. His work has also graced the walls of art exhibitions in various countries, including Greece, Italy, Canada, the United States, Romania, Spain, and England.


Jophel Botero Ybiosa

Founder and Executive Director ,Team Juan Makasining

Jophel Botero Ybiosa is a globally recognized and multi-award-winning artist from the Philippines.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Team Juan Makasining, an award-winning arts and advocacy group recognized as the 2017 Asia-Pacific Excellence Awardee for Outstanding Arts and Advocacy Organization. He also holds positions as a Master Photographer/Platinum Artist with Princess Cruise Lines and has served as a Special Lecturer at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Recently, he was appointed as one of the SSCC Youth Ambassadors for Cultural Diplomacy. Additionally, he is a Gold Member of the Professional Photographers Asia Community and belongs to several prestigious organizations, including the Society of International Travel and a great deal more!

As an artist, his main goal is to showcase the Philippines' positive imagery, inherent beauty, cultural identity, and significant stories to a global audience. He is the first Filipino to be honored in internationally acclaimed exhibitions and competitions.


Alessandra Minotti

Professional Photographer, Visual Artist, Printmaking Expert ,alessandraminottigraphic.com

Alessandra Minotti is a skilled photographer, visual artist, proficient developer, and printmaking expert. After completing her artistic and photographic studies, Alessandra Minotti launched her professional journey in 1994 by running her photographic lab in Rome.

She excelled in various photography genres such as weddings, still-life, interiors, and fashion, while also extensively engaging in analog development and printing. Since 2010 she has continued to refine her distinctive style, both in commissioned works and in personal projects, with shots with an articulated compositional structure, where one always has the impression of perceiving movement.

Her art explores themes of identity, violence against women, psychophysical well-being, healthy eating, and the environment, often drawing from autobiographical elements. Her work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Spain and globally. She has authored a monograph and an eBook, with her artwork gaining recognition in prestigious art publications and books, and it has been featured on the SaatchiGalleryLondon screen for six years.

United States

Nicholas Duers

Principal ,Nicholas Duers Photography

Nicholas Duers is a New York City-based commercial photographer and director specializing in still-life imagery.

He pursued his initial studies in fine art photography at the Photographic Center Northwest located in Seattle, WA, where he began shaping his artistic vision. Following this, he further honed his aesthetic and technical skills at the Rochester Institute of Technology, deepening his understanding and mastery of the craft. Duers' acclaimed photography, featuring commissions from prestigious brands like Tom Ford, Harry Winston, Ralph Lauren, Netflix, and Adidas/Y3, is well recognized. Since 2007, he has primarily worked in New York City, catering to a diverse clientele in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and luxury goods from his Midtown Manhattan studio. He is represented in the US by Farimah Milan.

His accomplishments in photography and direction reflect a high level of skill and acclaim on a global scale making him a distinguished figure in his field.


Pieter Clicteur

Independent Photographer and Founder ,Pieter Clicteur Photography

Pieter Clicteur is a highly acclaimed freelance photographer who operates his own photography studio, Pieter Clicteur Photography, situated in Belgium and known for his exceptional work in the field.

Clicteur's passion for photography has driven him to explore a diverse array of subjects and genres throughout his illustrious career. His willingness to experiment and push creative boundaries has resulted in a remarkable collection of work that has earned him over 20 prestigious awards, highlighting his exceptional skills and artistic talents. His insatiable curiosity and artistic versatility have led him to explore various photography styles and subjects, allowing him to continuously evolve as a photographer.

His dedication to his craft is evident in his relentless pursuit of excellence, consistently delivering photographs that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. His commitment to his artistry is a driving force behind his continued success and recognition in the field.


Dawid Galinski

Advertising Photographer and Digital Artist

Dawid Galinski is a highly acclaimed advertising photographer and digital artist who has garnered numerous awards during his impressive 17-year career.

He was the head of a photographic studio for five years at one of Poland's largest e-commerce enterprises, overseeing advertising campaigns and managing various aspects of commercial photography. This encompassed everything from conceptualizing and planning shoots to executing them with precision. Galinski collaborated with renowned companies like Hasselblad, Fujifilm, Sigma, and Profoto during their career. His multifaceted experience and noteworthy collaborations have undoubtedly contributed to his standing as a respected professional.

His credibility as a photographer with a discerning eye is unquestionable, having achieved remarkable success in the field. He has secured victory in more than 85 international photography competitions, amassing a total of 111 prestigious awards throughout his career. This remarkable track record underscores his exceptional talent and keen artistic vision in the world of photography.


Andrea Izzotti


Andrea Izzoti is a celebrated Italian photographer with a stellar reputation in the world of photography.

Driven by a deep passion for travel and nature, Izzoti has ventured to some of the most remote corners of the globe, constantly in pursuit of "fragments of reality" to immortalize through his lens. His photography is often born from spontaneous intuition, characterized by minimal preparation and immediate execution.

His photography has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, serving as a testament to his prowess as a photographer. These exhibitions have provided a platform to display his artistic vision and skill, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the captivating worlds he captures through his lens. Andrea Izzoti's work has left a lasting impression on viewers, drawing them into the rich narratives woven into each photograph.


Marc Olthoff

Fine Art Photographer ,Molland Photoghraphy

In 2012, following a 21-year tenure as a technology director at Unilever, Marc Olthoff embraced his passion and transitioned to a career in photography.

Recognizing a gap in his abilities to create the fine-art images he envisioned, Olthoff decided to enhance his skills by enrolling in formal education. He excelled and graduated at the top of his class from the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam in 2015. Olthoff's primary strength lies in his creative prowess to conceptualize and craft images that captivate, paired with the technical expertise to bring them to life. He endeavors to infuse each image with a narrative, prompting the observer to ponder the underlying story and its meaning. His background in technical and engineering fields serves as a solid foundation in achieving his artistic goals.

Olthoff exhibits remarkable boldness in pursuing his photography, undaunted by the challenge of acquiring new skills to translate his artistic visions into reality


Samuel Feron

Photographer ,Samuel Feron Photography

For the past 15 years, Samuel Feron has dedicated himself to capturing the world's landscapes, focusing especially on the stark beauty of desert, cold, and volcanic areas. His stunning and mesmerizing photographs have received accolades in many international and local competitions.

In addition, in 2015, he established Terra Quantum, a project designed to collect the most breathtaking images of Earth. Terra Quantum is committed to photographic distinction, relying on a continuous, international jury to evaluate all submissions prior to their publication.

His passion for photography shines through in his commitment to exploring and documenting the raw beauty of the planet's most extreme landscapes for over a decade and a half. His fascination with desert, cold, and volcanic regions reflects a deep dedication to capturing the essence of Earth's diverse environments. The founding of Terra Quantum in 2015 further exemplifies his dedication, creating a platform to showcase the planet's beauty through carefully curated photographic masterpieces.

United Arab Emirates

Stanislav Bartnikas

Photographer ,Stanislav Bartnikas Photography

Stanislav Bartnikas attributes of being artistic, compassionate, and talented have contributed to his success as an exceptional aerial photographer, evidenced by his globally recognized portfolio.

Currently residing in Dubai, he embarked on his professional journey as a journalist after earning his degree in Journalism from Moscow State University. He initially worked for a prominent Moscow newspaper before transitioning into sales and advertisement for various companies. It was during this period that he dedicated himself to honing his photography skills, eventually finding a unique intersection of his passion for aviation and love for travel through aerial photography.

Bartnikas’s photography is a vivid expression of his deep-rooted passion for exploring the world from above, capturing breathtaking landscapes and moments that showcase the earth's beauty from a bird's-eye view. His work is a testament to his love for aviation, seamlessly blending this with his keen eye for composition and light to create stunning visual narratives.

Czech Republic

Tomáš Neuwirth

Qualified European Photographer ,Tomáš Neuwirth Photography

Tomáš Neuwirth, an internationally acclaimed photographer, excels in drone photography.. The emergence of drones later opened new vistas for his photography, allowing him to capture stunning aerial shots with commercial drones.

Today, he is deeply involved in both professional drone and traditional photography, elevating the art form by choosing unique locations and enhancing images through post-production. His work transcends from mere landscape to the realm of fine art. Notably, he is the first Czech photographer to be a finalist in multiple awards and his work has been showcased in numerous countries.

His work has been frequently chosen by the Paris online gallery Singulart. Notably, he was nominated for the Personality of Czech Photography in 2019 and was part of the Czech team for the 2022 World Photographic Cup (WPC). He holds the Qualified European Photographer (QEP) title in the Drone category.


Abhijit Bose

Founder, Photographer, Educator ,Woodpeckers Media

Abhijit Bose is the founder of Woodpeckers Media and Aperture8, a photography academy and a talented photographer with many of his works at the hands of private collectors.

Bose founded Woodpeckers Media, an innovative creative design agency with a clear-cut objective. It serves as an indispensable partner for these businesses by providing a diverse array of creative design services. These encompass graphic design, brand development, the creation of marketing materials, website construction, and various other imaginative solutions crucial for establishing a robust brand identity and reaching a wider customer base.

By supporting start-ups and growth-oriented companies, he contributes to their success and plays a role in shaping the visual identity and communication strategies that are crucial for these organizations to thrive. Woodpeckers Media is a testament to Abhijit's dedication to both the creative arts and the business world, bridging the gap between artistic expression and corporate success. It serves as a hub where creativity and strategic design meet to empower businesses in Mumbai and beyond.


John Tao

Founder ,ARTAO

John Tao is the visionary behind ARTAO, a platform bridging artists with the global audience. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise as a photography consultant to renowned entities including American Express Centurion, Open House, and Ming Chuan University Art Center in Taiwan. Over the span of 12 years, John has been a dedicated writer of a monthly photography column in Business Weekly magazine.

In his role as a photographer, Tao earned recognition as the representative lecturer for Leica's 100th anniversary celebration in Taipei and hosted a seminar featuring renowned photographer Steve McCurry at MOCA museum in 2018. In his capacity as a columnist, he conducted an interview with ICBL photographer John Rodsted, a key figure in the team awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

His extensive experience extends to curating photography exhibitions, notably curating the "ForeMost" exhibition in Japan in 2020 and its subsequent instalment.


Marine Foissey

Artist Photographer ,Marine Foissey Photography

Marine Foissey is a talented French photographer whose works have been showcased in exhibitions across France, Luxembourg, Poland, and Spain.

Foissey developed an early affinity for culture and art, deeply influenced by her upbringing. Her parents used each holiday as a chance to immerse themselves and Marine in the world of Culture and Art. The exploration of museums, exhibitions, and historical sites during travels became a rite of passage that honed Marine's appreciation for the richness of Art. Foissey is on an ongoing quest for poetic expression, seeking it in both her creative work and personal life. She challenges the notion that an image can stand alone, choosing instead to title her photographs and augment them with narrative text.

Her collections, meticulously curated into series, embody this philosophy, with each photograph conveying significance, sentiment, beauty, and her unique artistic fingerprint, whether viewed individually or as part of a collective.

United States

Kalina Schneider

Master Photographer | Digital Artist | Fine Art Fanatic ,KKSFINEARTS and Ksfinearts

Kalina Schneider is an internationally acclaimed Master Photographer and digital artist hailing from Florida. With a specialization in Fine Art and Fantasy Portraiture, Kalina's work is a vivid tapestry of color, magic, and dreamlike aesthetics that captivate viewers and spark their imagination.

Having earned her Master’s of Photography and Master Craftsmen credentials from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Kalina is a two-time Grand Imaging Award finalist for her exceptional portraits that embody creativity and storytelling.

Delving into a personal journey of self-discovery, Kalina's photography serves as a visual narrative that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural experiences and extensive travels, Kalina infuses her creations with elements of global art, theatrical costumes, vintage fashion, and ethnic fabrics.

Together with her husband, Kelly Schneider, a fellow Master Photographer, Kalina shares her expertise by teaching fine art photography and photoshop editing for creative concepts. Their collaborative efforts extend to organizing immersive photography workshops in the USA, Ireland, Italy, and Indonesia (Bali), providing aspiring artists with hands-on learning experiences and a platform for artistic exploration.

In every photograph and digital artwork created, Kalina Schneider invites viewers to embark on a visual journey that transcends reality, evoking emotions, sparking curiosity, and fostering connections across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

She has been published in number of magazines online and in print. Kalina is on judging panels for acclaimed international photography competitions.

United Arab Emirates

Donell Gumiran

Co-founder, Design Director and Photographer ,Deerect Agency

Donell Gumiran is the co-founder, design director and photographer of Deerect, a design agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With two decades of profound expertise in design, photography, and branding domains, he is primarily focused on brand identity initiatives and continuously stays informed about the most current trends and methodologies in global design to adapt to any cultural or regional context with a creative approach. This results in the creation of unique and unforgettable work, which is approached from various perspectives to deliver versatile results.

Gumiran’s favorite subjects center on encapsulating the human experience in everyday scenarios. He possesses a unique ability to draw viewers into the profound humanity of the individuals in his work. His talent has earned them numerous international award is frequently invited to speak as a source of inspiration at a variety of global photography conferences, where his exhibitions are also prominently featured.


Lillian Liu

Photographer ,Lillian Liu Photography

Lillian Liu, a youthful and imaginative photographer, employs digital methods to craft distinctive visual artworks. Based in Vancouver, Canada, she is associated with Free Spirit in Paris.

Liu is a self-taught individual, having earned a Masters degree in classical piano from the Royal College of Music in London, UK. Her clientele and notable features encompass Marie Claire Taiwan, Vogue Taiwan, Penguin Random House, Blanche Macdonald, HarperCollins, among others. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions at venues such as the Surrey Art Gallery, Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, Place Des Artes, and SevensGrant featuring Paris Hilton.

She has shared her insights at events like the Canadian Imaging Conference and Expo for the Professional Photographers of Canada, as well as the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences, and more. Her commitment to her craft is evident in her journey from self-taught beginnings to mastering classical piano at the Royal College of Music.

United States

Gigi Chung

Fine Art Photographer ,Gigi Chung Photography

Gigi Chung is a gifted fine art photographer that specializes in abstract architecture.
Through her artistry, she possesses the unique ability to distill complex and intricate scenes into captivating sculptural compositions, where lines, shapes, and contrast take center stage. This meticulous approach includes the conscious inclusion of elements that not only enhance visual appeal but also create an aesthetic harmony within her work. This distinct perspective has garnered her international acclaim, allowing her photography to grace the walls of renowned galleries and compete in some of the most distinguished photography contests across the globe. Her contributions to well-regarded photography publications serve as a testament to her standing as a distinguished artist within the field.
Her remarkable skills as a photographer have propelled her to international recognition, allowing her work to be showcased in prestigious galleries and elite photography competitions around the world, a testament to her talent behind the lens.


Jai Thakur

Independent Photographer and Analyst

Jai Thakur is an Independent Photographer from India. His practice investigates the conflicts that exist within society and within himself, as well as the connection between the two.

He works as a Research Analyst during the day, and in his spare time, he practices photography. He has been a member of Diversify Photo since 2022. Additionally, he has successfully completed Reuters Digital Journalism Foundation Course in 2023.

For his efforts in raising awareness about river conservation, he was awarded 'Water Hero' by Govt. of India and appeared in the MX Player web series "Express Yourself". He received a grant from Sahapedia for his work on the Potters Community of Delhi and PoY Asia for Acid Attack work. He has been on the jury panel of several national and international photographic competitions.

Hong Kong SAR

Benny Lau

Photographer, Short Film Director and Multimedia Producer. ,Hong Kong Mobile Photography Club

Benny Lau is a well-known photographer, short film director, and multimedia producer.

Lau's groundbreaking achievement in 2018 as Hong Kong's inaugural full-time mobile phone photographer marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of photography in the region. His creative prowess has not only garnered him eight prestigious gold awards and first prizes in various local and global competitions but has also led to the inclusion of his films in the programs of numerous renowned international film festivals, solidifying his position as a respected artist on the global stage.

He has built a remarkable expertise in the realm of mobile photography, a testament to his unwavering commitment to mastering this art form. With over a decade of experience, he has honed his skills in multimedia video creation, demonstrating a profound dedication to his craft.


Eduardo Lopez Moreno

Co-Director and Social Photographer ,World Urban Pavilion

Eduardo Moreno holds the position of co-director at the World Urban Pavilion and formally served as the director responsible for research and capacity development within the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. He is also an award-winning social photographer.

Moreno holds a crucial position at the World Urban Pavilion, a collaboration between the Urban Economy Forum Association and UN-Habitat, supported by CMHC and The Daniels Corporation. As co-director, he actively shapes the Pavilion's vision and mission, spearheading initiatives to address urban challenges and promote sustainable development in partnership with these key organizations. Moreno captures powerful images that depict societal issues, using his visual storytelling skills to raise awareness and promote positive change.

His multifaceted role demonstrates his commitment to advancing urban issues and his ability to drive meaningful change in collaboration with key stakeholders. Under his guidance, the Pavilion remains at the forefront of innovative solutions for urban challenges.


Pinu Rahman

Visual Artist and Photographer

Pinu Rahman is a self-taught freelance photographer hailing from Dhaka, with roots in Pirojpur, a quaint rural town in Bangladesh. Multiple International award winner Pinu shoot what interests him & thats versatile. He classify himself as an amateur photographer whose passion for photography is linked to travelling. He earned his graduation from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and discovered his passion for photography more than a decade ago. Professionally as a Senior Principal Officer, he is working in a state owned Rupali Bank PLC. His passion and profession never converged, but he has been able to exist in both parallel worlds. He could always absorb the distinction between petrichor and Starbucks, and knew where to draw the margin as to keep each special with their individual humane plea. Hence when the corporate sharpened his lenses, he already knew he had a purpose – it was to project beauty – hiding in the most trivial of urban passages and the rural mundanity – only until an artist recognized the unmistakable uniqueness in all of it. It was for him to find the extraordinary in every ‘ordinary.' Notably, one of his remarkable achievements includes a distinction that brought pride to Bangladesh, his home country's reputation in the international photography community.


The Jury Panel list will be periodically updated to ensure more opportunities for qualified photographers to participate in this amazing role.

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